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Informacje branżowe

What about cashmere blankets?



Cashmere blankets, among many blankets, should be the most advanced and warmest materials. The reason is that the material used for the cashmere blanket is cashmere. Everyone knows that the animal's fluff is very soft and comfortable, and it has a good thermal effect. The cashmere wool blanket shaves the goat's fluff off and processes it to make cashmere fibers. This kind of cashmere is used. The blankets made of fiber have a very good thermal effect, and they are also very fashionable in the overall design. Therefore, cashmere blankets are a symbol of high-end, luxurious life and a good companion for comfortable sleep. The following will introduce the relevant knowledge of cashmere blankets in the future. Let's take a look.

Cashmere Blanket - Introduction

Cashmere blankets are blankets made from wool as a raw material. Because the wool has good air permeability, an air flow layer can be formed between the voids of the fibers under the matte surface, thus providing an ideal constant temperature when the human body is sleeping. This is why the wool blanket has excellent warming effect. the reason. Wool blankets are recognized as the best warm blankets. The warmth, breathability and moisture resistance of wool can have a good effect on arthritis and rheumatic patients. Therefore, cashmere blankets have certain benefits for the human body.

Cashmere Blanket - Advantages

Cashmere wool blankets are made of cashmere, have a better softness than wool, have good air permeability, can be a constant temperature, cashmere wool blankets are conducive to improving the quality of human sleep, warming effect is very good, and cashmere wool blankets Fine and uniform, soft and plump, good elasticity; In addition, cashmere blankets have a certain therapeutic effect on patients with rheumatism and arthritis, and can also alleviate the condition of these patients. The overall design is beautiful and comfortable, and can be seen from the appearance. Out of its upscale atmosphere feels.

Cashmere blankets - Identification

Since cashmere counterfeit goods are available on the market, it is very important to choose the right cashmere wool blanket. Since cashmere blankets are high-end products, with the popularity of cashmere products, some manufacturers in order to obtain high profits, in the production of cashmere products, the incorporation of wool fibers to reduce costs, deceive consumers, is not for the average consumer The effective identification of cashmere fibers and wool must rely on the appropriate testing institutions. Only professionals using microscopes can identify the surface morphology of fibers.

Cashmere Blanket - Price

Cashmere is an expensive textile fiber, and its high quality makes it worthy of high prices. It is comfortable, light, soft, smooth, warm, and considerate. It is the best known natural fiber and human skin. It has natural humanistic care. The quality of cashmere is excellent, and the trade often uses gram prices, and the output only accounts for 0.2% of the world's total output of animal fibers. The products are rare. Because of the limited geographical conditions, cashmere is only produced in a few countries in the world, and the scarce production It is decided that the cost of cashmere raw materials is quite high and it is impossible to sell them at a low price. Therefore, things are rare and expensive, the price of cashmere is very expensive, and the price of cashmere blankets is as high as a few thousand dollars, and there are even cashmere blankets worth tens of thousands.

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